Trend Alert! Blue & Gold

Blue and gold is a classic color combination, but it’s a relatively new one in our kitchens and bathrooms. Cobalt blue cabinets paired with golden faucets and hardware give these spaces an elegant edge. 

Painted vanity cabinets from reputable cabinet makers and manufacturers will withstand the slightly moist environments found in bathrooms and are a worthwhile investment.

Although polished brass has been a steady standby for years, there are new finishes in the gold-toned family that include brushed, French, satin, and polished golds, brasses and bronzes. 

Just a little word of warning — gold colors and finishes from different manufacturers may not match.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing!  A little variation in color and texture can add interest, but be sure that it looks intentional and not accidental (not all design accidents are happy ones!).   

A white countertop is a classical complement to our blue and gold combination.  A porcelain or fireclay sink-top provides a clean and crisp white surface, while natural stone or quartz offers a softer white with veining or subtle flecks of color.  Porcelain tile slabs are a newer option with stone-like looks and quartz-like durability.   Golden veining or flecks in the stone, quartz or tile slab that match your golden faucet would look fabulous!

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Julie Brady
Julie Brady

Julie Brady owns Portsmouth Bath Company with her husband, John. They launched the business in 1996. Always interested in home design, Julie was lucky to find industry professionals ready and willing to bring her into the world of decorative plumbing. Born in the Midwest and raised in California, Julie now lives in the beautiful Seacoast region of New Hampshire with John and their three dogs: Rosalie, Emma, and Jasmine.

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