Trend Alert! The Black Kitchen Faucet

A modern black kitchen faucet.

Think of your faucet as a sculpture sitting atop your kitchen counter. In addition to its functionality and quality, your faucet’s finish is also important, as it can either make a big statement or leave the space looking incomplete. Like the iconic “little black dress,” choosing a black faucet can add a bit of glamour and sophistication to your kitchen. Black is versatile and can harmonize with many different styles. And while a black finish may seem bold, it can offer a gentler contrast than shiny chrome. Read on to find out how you can incorporate this trend into your space.

Find Your Style

Afraid that black just isn’t your style? A black finish is a great choice for a variety of different design aesthetics and can be integrated into your vision in a variety of different ways:

Contemporary: When minimalism is the desired statement, the simple sculptural lines of the black faucet pictured on the left (above) speaks volumes without saying anything at all.

Traditional: In a more classic or historic setting, the black faucet pictured in the middle adds a bit of old-world charm.

Luxe: Looking for a bit of luxury in your kitchen? Why not add a touch of gold? The stunning black and gold pictured on the right is a true statement piece.

Look at the Big Picture

Now that you have decided upon a black faucet that fits your unique style, there are a few more questions to consider in creating a cohesive and functional kitchen design:

What are the other design elements in your kitchen? Create a more unified space by coordinating your faucet with other products as shown in the picture on the left (above). In addition to black hardware and window trims, pairing your black faucet with a black counter and kitchen sink creates a mood that is deeply sophisticated while also being warm and inviting.

How do you use your faucet? Functionality and quality are key parts of the selection process. The faucet suite pictured on the right is a real workhorse in the kitchen.  Shown here is the main faucet along with a filter/hot water tap, garbage disposal air switch, soap dispenser, and air gap (required for dishwashers in some states).

A black faucet on a waterfall island.

What does your layout look like? In an island setting like the one pictured above, the faucet takes center stage in setting the tone of your room. Here, the classic sleek lines of the black faucet help your eyes pick out other black elements – note the black bar stools, black stovetop, and black trim around the windows. The organic movement in the quartz counter and backsplash contrasts with and softens the boldness of the black, letting the accents pop, while not overwhelming the space.

Adding a black faucet to your kitchen can be a bold move, but don’t be shy – its commanding presence will inspire you to harmonize other design elements around it. ◆


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Julie Brady
Julie Brady

Julie Brady owns Portsmouth Bath Company with her husband, John. They launched the business in 1996. Always interested in home design, Julie was lucky to find industry professionals ready and willing to bring her into the world of decorative plumbing. Born in the Midwest and raised in California, Julie now lives in the beautiful Seacoast region of New Hampshire with John and their three dogs: Rosalie, Emma, and Jasmine.

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