WHAT’S NEW / TRENDING? Shopping Local!

WHAT’S NEW / TRENDING? Shopping Local!

Shopping local is not new, and it has been trending for a while, but it is taking on new relevance during the current economic and health crises.  Many of us have been coping by doing more shopping online. 

Of course, shopping online is very convenient and shopping with the large corporate retailers is familiar and comfortable.  But as small businesses start to open up again, let’s not forget that where we shop does matter.

We all have lots of choices on where to buy almost everything today.  Of all these choices, independently owned local shops and businesses most often blow away the competition when it comes down to fair pricing and customer service. 

Here are some interesting statistics about shopping at your local small businesses (see https://www.fundera.com/resources/local-shopping-statistics for their full list):

  • Small businesses generate $68 of local economic return for every $100 spent with them. 
  • Over $9.3 billion would be directly returned to our economy if every US family spent just $10 a month at a local business.
  • Businesses with fewer than 500 employees account for 99.7% of all US employers.

So, what happens when YOU shop local? . . .

  1. You create local jobs — Local businesses are better at creating higher-paying jobs for your neighbors. When you shop locally, you help create jobs for teachers, firemen, police officers, and many other essential professions.

  2. You help the environment — Buying from a locally owned business conserves energy and resources in the form of less fuel for transportation and less packaging.

  3. You nurture community — Local business owners know you, and you know them. Studies have shown that local businesses donate to community causes at more than twice the rate of chains.

  4. You took advantage of their expertise — You are their friends and neighbors, and locally owned businesses have a vested interest in knowing how to serve you. They’re passionate about what they do. Why not take advantage of it?

  5. You invested in entrepreneurship — Creativity and entrepreneurship are what the American economy is founded upon. Nurturing local business en­sures a strong community.

  6. See https://www.independentwestand.org/what-happens-when-you-shop-local/ for more information.

We are lucky to have many independently owned small businesses to choose from in and around Portsmouth and our Seacoast area.  Our local, independent stores offer refreshing ideas, thoughtful suggestions and intelligent recommendations.  Locally owned businesses are all striving to give our community alternative choices and personalized customer service.  Shopping locally also gives you the opportunity to keep more of what you spend in your local community and economy.  When you’re ready to shop for your new bathroom and kitchen, please consider these Top 10 Reasons to shop with us at Portsmouth Bath Company.

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Julie Brady
Julie Brady

I own Portsmouth Bath Company with my husband, John. We have two grown sons who attended school in Statham and Exeter. John, I, and our dogs (3 labs) love drives along the ocean and scenic backroads in our 1974 Jeep (no top, of course!). Gardening and reading are also favorite activities. We are so lucky to be able to call the Seacoast area home!

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