Your Project Consultation

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We’d love to be a part of your building or renovation team, and a Project Consultation is the best way for us to get to know you and your project.  When you’re ready to start choosing your beautiful bathroom and kitchen items, our product expertise can really help! 

  • We’ll set aside time just for you. So, share with us your dreams, wants, ideas, and needs.
  • We will listen, answer questions, ask questions, and review. We’ll offer thoughtful suggestions and refreshing ideas. We will be sensitive to both your design style and budget concerns.
  • Depending upon the scope of your project, we may do some additional research for you.
  • Then, based upon what we talked about, we’ll share with you some options and send you (or your contractor) our proposal/quote for your projects.
  • We will follow-up to make sure that you are happy with the choices presented. There may be some tweaks needed to get it all just right, so that everything is ready to order.
  • After ordering, we’ll stay in touch throughout your project.
  • And down the road, should you ever have questions we are always here to help.
  • Is there a charge for a project consultation?  No, but there should be – they are extremely valuable!  All we ask in return for our time and expertise is your business by purchasing your products from us.  If you’d like a Saturday or after-hours appointment, however, we do ask for a $100 non-refundable deposit which will then be applied to your order.

We look forward to your visit and appreciate every opportunity to earn your business.

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