HELPFUL HINTS: Floor Plan Ideas

HELPFUL HINTS:  Floor Plan Ideas

Planning a beautiful bathroom starts with an efficient layout and follows design guidelines that can help you end up with a stylish, safe, functional, and comfortable space.  These 4 sample floor plans can give you some ideas:

#1: Shower Only & Single Sink

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This economical layout has all the plumbing running along the same wall to save labor and supply expenses.  If the plumbing wall is an outside wall, double-check with your plumber that the wall is adequately insulated or built-in to prevent frozen pipes in cold-winter climates.  Notice that the toilet has been placed so that it is not opposite an opening door.  


10x5 layout
10x8 layout
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#2: Combination Tub/Shower & Single Sink

This versatile layout has room for a double sink if needed and provides a nice little cubby space for the toilet.  The tub also doubles as the shower, saving both space and money.  Don’t forget that a smaller bathroom can still be big on style with the right fixtures, faucets and showering elements worked into this functional design.  For example, think about adding a tub/shower glass door with barndoor-style hardware to go from functional to chic.  Paying attention to the design details of your faucets, showerhead, grab bars, towel bars, robe hooks, and toilet paper holder can also have a big impact.

#3: Separate Tub / Shower & Double Sink

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This larger space allows for a bigger stand-alone tub which can be dropped into a stone or tile deck (as shown), or a sculptural free-standing tub would also be beautiful here.  Note that the large walk-in shower incorporates a half-wall so that a shower door is not needed.  Consider multiple showerheads in a shower this size.  When installing a double sink, try to allow at least 8-inches between the outside edge of a sink and the end of the counter for landing space. 


9x11 layout
10x12 Layout
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#4: Separate Tub / Shower & Double Sink

I’ve been told that having a separate toilet room in your bathroom can save a marriage!  Having the space for this is certainly a luxury.  Toilet compartments should be at least 36-inches wide and 66-inches deep.  And don’t put just any old toilet in this throne room —  an electronic bidet toilet is a must!  In this layout there’s still plenty of room for individual tub and shower spaces and a double-sink vanity.  Faucet and hardware finishes and styles can help to create either a contemporary or traditional vibe.  Lighted medicine cabinets would be a nice upgrade in this space.


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Julie Brady
Julie Brady

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