We were looking for a premium sink manufacturer and are so glad that we were introduced to Hamat!  They are not just copycats (like so many are today) – they are innovators and designers!  We’re confident that you, like us, will like what you see from Hamat. The kitchen area in our Showroom has a great selection of Hamat’s stainless steel, fireclay, and granite kitchen sinks for you to see as well as some of their faucets.

Here’s some more information about Hamat from their website:

Hamat Logo


Hamat Group specializes in the manufacturing of a wide selection of designer products for the kitchen. HamatUSA is the only manufacturer and supplier that provides faucets as well as sinks made from Fireclay, Stainless Steel, Porcelain Enameled Steel, Granite Composite and Hand-Hammered Copper.  HamatUSA is a division of Hamat Group, Israel’s largest plumbing fixture manufacturer.

HamatUSA is headquartered in Hamilton, New Jersey, with dedicated warehouse, customer service, sales, and administrative teams specifically to service and support customers in the United States.

For roughly 75 years Hamat Group has been a top private label faucet and fireclay sink producer for many leading sink distributors across the globe. Hamat products are now available in the USA exclusively through HamatUSA. Hamat Group currently has multiple state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Israel and a facility in Turkey that incorporate all facets of the faucet and fireclay production. HamatUSA maintains all US standards and is constantly investing in new technologies and innovative designs remaining at the forefront of form and function.


HamatUSA sinks are available in Stainless Steel, Porcelain Enameled CeraSteel, Chelsea Fireclay, SiOStone Granite Composite and Breckenridge Hand-Hammered Copper. Each material has it’s own performance features and distinct look.

Chelsea Fireclay Apron-Front Farmhouse & Undermount Sinks

HamatUSA Fireclay sinks are hand made in our Israeli Fireclay factory through a process that is both old and new.

We start with a proprietary blend of Fireclay slip that is shaped using the most advanced injection molding techniques on the market today. After being hand-brushed and sponged, the raw sinks are cured for up to 48 hours. Then they are sprayed with glazing materials and fired for over 20 hours in a kiln at 2200° F.

Being fired at such a high temperature causes the Fireclay material to fuse together with the glaze, creating the glossy, cool-to-the-touch finish that defines fine Fireclay. Our modern-traditional method results in sinks that are chip, crack, and scratch resistant-ideal for high-traffic kitchens. Fireclay sinks will last a lifetime, some of the oldest sinks in use today are of this variety.

Our Fireclay sinks also have the soul-satisfying benefit of being made from all-natural materials that are completely lead-free, making them eco-friendly. We use our Fireclay process in Chelsea, a line of modern apron-front farmhouse and undermount sinks available in classic white, matte black, matte grey and biscuit. All are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty and crafted with the same quality and durability that is a signature of HamatUSA Sinks.

Blue Sink

SiOStone Sinks – Engineered for perfection

HamatUSA reaches a milestone in the granite sink market thanks to a long-lasting research and development program.

SiOStone the on-trend material known as a classic granite sink material- has evolved to suit modern day needs. 30 years of experience went into the material’s refinement. SiOStone features substantially improved properties with cutting-edge workmanship and material properties.

  • Three times harder than natural granite
  • Non-porous surface
  • Resistant to aggressive chemicals
  • Natural Anti-Microbial material – Inhibits the growth of bacteria
  • UV-stable and food-safe
  • Manufactured according to the most stringent quality and environmental standards in the world
  • Maximum color intensity
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Extremely tough and scratch-resistant

Hand-Hammered Copper & Pewter Sinks

There’s something elegant and pure, yet slightly rustic about hand worked copper.

HamatUSA copper sinks are formed from heavy 16-gauge copper sheet. Which lends itself well to design variations like hammering and a variety of artistic flourishes like those you’ll find in our designs. Copper’s living finish will also develop a patina over time meaning your sink will be as individual as you are.

In addition to the aesthetics of this material, copper boasts unique performance features. Naturally corrosion and rust resistant. Copper sinks can last for generations. Copper also has natural antimicrobial properties. Unlike other sink materials, copper doesn’t support harmful bacteria making it an important germ-fighting ally in kitchens and bathrooms.

Yet for all these benefits as well as their undeniable beauty, they are as low maintenance as can be and require no special care. Regular cleaning agents that are used to clean conventional surfaces work fine on copper sinks.

HamatUSA hand-hammered copper sinks are available in a variety of styles, some with whimsical motifs-and sizes to meet your space requirements in the lavatory, kitchen or bar-prep area. For performance and prestige, HamatUSA copper sinks are in a class of their own.

CeraSteel Porcelain Enameled Stainless Steel

HamatUSA has added an innovative twist to the universal appeal of porcelain enamel in the new CeraSteel Collection.

CeraSteel porcelain enamel sinks feature a light and resilient 16-gauge steel core that is a brilliant departure from the heavy cast iron foundation of other porcelain enamel sinks. The fact that our porcelain enamel sinks are only 65% of the weight of typical cast iron sinks enables designers to install porcelain enamel where they couldn’t before.

HamatUSA porcelain enamel sinks provide the glossy look and feel people know and love about porcelain enamel. It’s an enduring finish that’s been honored and appreciated throughout history. HamatUSA uses an enameling process that traces its inspiration back to 2000 BC and the first Greek craftsmen to fuse metal and glass.

We start with a genuine HamatUSA steel sink that is coated with high performance materials twice-first with a ground coat and second with a cover coat-and then fired at 1500° F after each application. The heat bonds the coatings with the metal to create a high-shine finish that’s resistant to impact, heat, stains, chips, scratches and even germs.

Our exclusive porcelain enamel comes in eight distinctive colors which are featured in our CeraSteel line of sinks.

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